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About Us

About MAE Foundation

MAE Foundation

MAE Foundation is arrived with the huge vision of providing free help's to needy people, who could not afford the from their daily livelihood, It's the platform for all of us to help each other.

MAE Foundation is one of the Social Service Organization Located In Bhiwandi (Mumbai). We are here with the ambition to help the needy people and do needful for them.

  • Medication & Hospitality Help's
  • Learning & Educational Help
  • Farming and Agricultural Help With Technology

History Of MAE Foundation

MAE journey starts when I was quite young, A while ago I visited a nearby hospital with my dad as I was not feeling well, I was full of surprised to see many peoples in hospital with upset face for the expenses who can’t even afford to buy the medicines and pay the doctor expenses, for which they use to suffer a lot I saw many eyes full of tears just to fulfill the needs of their health from that day I took the oath and started thinking to do something to the people in my country who faces such inconveniencies even to afford the medical expenses, As the day pass I started collecting more and more information and getting connected with the peoples who are in social welfares to get some ideas about the process and activities, I chose my carrier in medical field which will support me to stand a pillar of my dream.

MAE Foundation

Once there was a casual discussion with my friends I thought to share my dreams and ideas about the social activities which I was planning since my childhood, I shared my feelings for the people towards their health and medications Fortunately all of my friends were happy to hear that and all wanted to get abide with this social activities they all suggested to work as a team by placing an NGO for the needy people I got more strength when I hear this and their interest towards my ideas, but the question arise we all were new we didn’t know ups and downs of this sector then we discussed among ourself and thought to get involved to one of an experienced person in this sector, I suggested to my team the name Mr. Jabbar Kazi as he is the experienced person of my well known in this sector. Me and my team meet personally to Mr. Kazi, he shared his experience and promised us to work together, as being my father he was very surprised to hear such interest in social activities from me and my team. He supported me a lot and helped me in every possible way to make my dream success and now I was not alone “I became we” as a team “MAE”

One of my friend from the team asked me why only medical sector? And why not in Educational and Agriculture sectors too? And it was really a good idea to expand our NGO activity, hence we decided to work in the sectors where a common person fails to move forward just due to lack of financial problems and now we as MAE (Medication, Agriculture & Education) are here to listen and act on every needy person because we trust and have a faith on “Helps to needy, God helps you”